About Department

Living in a global era in our day, visual culture, arts and the communication has become an effective and determinant concept. In this process, as well as experience and information transmission, photograph and video arts have come in to prominence as the production properties of the creation. Photograph and video are evaluated as basic communication tools at visual cultural representations and its impact area shows a variety from arts to media, from adverts the education world. Photograph and video graduate Programme aims to bring up the photographers and the directors of the photography who are necessary for this era. The department of photography and video aims to convey theoretical  and applicable knowledge to the students via professional academicians related to photograph, video, cinema production and the contributions of the young artists to either arts, TV or advertisement sector who have been brought up. In accordance with the purpose, the main programme that forms the department of the photograph and video is  following–up the development in Turkey and the world, bringing up artist-academicians who can produce works of art, and who can do theoretical studies on the art of cinema, photography and visual culture.